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  • October 5, 2018
  • the Interesting and Fun Facts About Your Eyes
    The eyes are the way we can see your soul. Whoever came up with this notion knew that the eyes could tell your deep feelings. even if you can give a fake smile, your eyes will always betray your true feelings. Read more on this site to find out more interesting and fun facts about your eyes.

    A lot of caucasian babies are given birth to with blue eye color. The color of their eyes will change over time as a result of the body making melanin. Also, babies are not able to produce tears until they reach about two to three months of age. If your eyes are blue, you have an ancestral trait with other blue-eyed individuals in the world.

    The eyelid muscles react in milliseconds. In any given second, you can blink five times. This reflex is very crucial to the overall health of your eyes than you may be aware of. Blinking happens less when you are reading. That is the reason why reading for long hours will tend to get your eyes to feel tired. Blinking also helps to spread the moisture throughout the eye to curb dryness. The fast reflex of blinking also helps the eye prevent dangers that come your way such as bright light or objects perceived to be coming to your face.

    The human eye consists of 107 million cells that help the brain to understand what is around us. The eye regulates the amount of light that penetrates the pupil by adjusting the iris muscles. The pupil enlarges in the dark to let in more light, so we are better able to see in the dark. The eyes work together with the brain to help us know what we see. Some differ in translations of various colors. This is somewhat related to your genetics or other factors that affect the way your brain interprets what is projected.

    Many people have different eye impairments, others even blind. Advancements in technology have helped rectify this by the use of glasses and contact lenses. The body also gives priority to eye care. The body can fix a scratch to the cornea in 48n hours. Your eyes carry antibodies that fight off infections and also help wash any foreign particles away.

    The eyes provide a way that we can see the world and also help the world to look and see us. Whether you have blue, brown or green eyes, they are the pair that does more other than helping you find your way around. The eyes are very interesting, and the way they help preserve themselves is a sign of how vital they are to our existence.

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